Thursday, November 4, 2010

Zombie Holocaust - Rebel Minis and 2HW

I finally took the plunge and ordered a bunch of Zombie and Zombie hunter figs from Rebel Minis.  I realized that all of the 15mm post apocalyptic HO scale terrain I'm working on will be able to serve double duty on a Zombie board.

I also ordered the PDF of 2 Hour Wargames 'All things Zombie 'Better Dead than Zed'. I made the decision almost solely based on the reviews, as personally I'm not a fan of 2HW. It's not that I think they make bad games, it's that I think they made odd layout and editing choices.  (I still don't see why in the world they use a concept of 'passing on zero dice'... THATS CALLED FAILING! Anyhoo I do want a solid system to use, so we'll see if it cuts the mustard.

Got some new terrain pieces coming over from ebay, some of which I know are going to blow your mind once I get them painted up.
Tell me these figs aren't awesome!

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