Monday, May 23, 2011

15mm Deckplans

I picked up a copy of AE: Bounty the other day.  I want to run a 15mm campaign.

I printed out a set of the Star Station Zero 15mm deck plans on card stock and mounted them on foam core.

I'm not quite finished yet, but you can see how they are coming out.

I'll be working on the doors and consoles tonight.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Zombies are coming... eventually.

Now that CES is behind us,things have finally slowed down at work enough for me to get some painting done.

Low/Mid-Tech Humans in Ballistic Vests - Khurasan Miniatures
I had finished these Khurasan Low/Mid-Tech Humans in Ballistic Vests, which will be serving double duty as sci-fi militia troops, and well armed survivalists in a zombie games.

I'm reading No More Room in Hell from Iron Ivan games. I really like the system and cant wait to give it a go.

Currently on the painting table are Civilian Hunters, Armed Street Punk and Bio-hazard Zombie Hunter from the Rebel miniatures ATZ: Better dead than Zed pack. Once they are done, I have a TON of zombies, raging zombies, zombie dogs and more!