Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Zombies are coming... eventually.

Now that CES is behind us,things have finally slowed down at work enough for me to get some painting done.

Low/Mid-Tech Humans in Ballistic Vests - Khurasan Miniatures
I had finished these Khurasan Low/Mid-Tech Humans in Ballistic Vests, which will be serving double duty as sci-fi militia troops, and well armed survivalists in a zombie games.

I'm reading No More Room in Hell from Iron Ivan games. I really like the system and cant wait to give it a go.

Currently on the painting table are Civilian Hunters, Armed Street Punk and Bio-hazard Zombie Hunter from the Rebel miniatures ATZ: Better dead than Zed pack. Once they are done, I have a TON of zombies, raging zombies, zombie dogs and more!

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