Monday, June 21, 2010

What's up with the Doc?

I've been plunging into my new job search full time, but have managed to do some painting as well. At Kublacon I ran into a buddy of mine who used to be with Armorcast.  We had played in some awesome VOR events ages ago at a convention, and those games are still some of my fondest gaming memories.

Anyhoo,  David sent me a box of VOR figs, Most painted, some still in blisters.  Now when I say a box, I  mean a box FULL of figs.  50 or so metal figs, including a GIGANTIC resin beastie I've never seen before.

I've started repainting them already, and plan on using them as my 'house army' for 28mm skirmish games (right now I have No Limits in mind).

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