Sunday, April 4, 2010

Did you talk to Jonathan Ross this weekend? ... I did!

That's right ladies and germs. While the gals from Geek Girl on the Street and I didn't get to interview Kevin Smith, due to his being a flakey stoner, we DID get an exclusive interview with the one and only Jonathan Ross. We had also hoped to catch his lovely wife Jane, but she was busy doing 'Kick Ass' related promotions.

Another highlight was interviewing the Creators of 'Kill Shakespeare', and Marc Andreyko, who is the writer, with Michael Chiklis for 'Pantheon' Of which my signed limited edition copy I am quite grateful for.

Wondercon was a blast, can't wait for comicon though.

...and now back to wargaming posts


Below are some of my favorites, the rest can be seen here

Jonathan Ross with Kate, from Geek Girl on the Street

Kevin Smith

Prince of Persia

Nicolas Cage

Jerry Bruckheimer

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