Thursday, April 15, 2010

Getting ready for Tomorrows War...

As soon as I heard Ambush Alley Games was working on a Sci-fi title I was sold.  I've been scouring the interwhebs looking for 15mm scifi figs, and inspiration for terrain.

I'll be mounting 1" Pink foam sheets mounted on 1/2" MDF, which will be textured and sealed with Kel-Seal. I'll be using a technique similar to that Black Primer Paint used on his Scrapyard table.

Separately I also ordered a Sponk, and some Parasachnid's along with a Burrow and Lair from Khurasan, some 15mm Sci-fi Buildings and accessories from GZG

The Parasachnid's are going to do double duty in a 'Startship Troopers' style project I have in mind, as well as being denizens of the "Red Planet". The Sponk however... he is going to be a giant crab monster, living on the Red Planet.  My roomie gave me the idea of making him a 'tunneler', so I'm going to model a big crater to represent the pit he leaves behind when he lands on the table.  He's going to be tons of fun!

Can't wait to get out of work and run over to Home Depot and D&J Hobbies for the last of my supplies so I can get cranking tonight.

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